What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

We loved having Garrett for a fire show! It was extremely fun and safe, the kids loved watching him (and the adults too). He was equipped with many fire tools, a fire dragon staff,  poi, rope meteor and fire breathing! Garrett was respectful and made sure the kids stayed in a safe place while he was spinning fire.  This is a must for any event! And it adds such a magical element to any kind of party big or small. We will definitely be booking him for many events to come.

Emily Hardyward

Garrett has been a part of the Sub Yard Sound family since we shared space in an artist community in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, Garrett has given his time, craft, energy and creativity to support this art and music production collective. From building stages at Burning Seed (Australia’s answer to Burning Man) to curating performance spaces at underground warehouse parties, G has been there. An honest, reliable and trustworthy professional to the end, Garrett has that certain something which makes all our participants feel comfortable and safe. Bringing a dynamic range of skills to the table, his performances are exciting, fascinating and inspiring adding that next level of energy to our events. We miss working (and playing) with this legend and hope to create more spaces and events with him in the future.

Seamus Collier

co-founder Sub Yard

I’ve always been fascinated with the “circus life” and alternative ways of moving our bodies! Garrett encompasses all things unique while bringing informative and accurate instruction. His approach to Cyr Wheel is friendly, fun and straight forward. I felt safe handling the wheel in the first session and felt like i was in a safe space to ask all the questions needed and receive hands on help. I was turning and doing full 360s by the end of the first session. Garrett bring a light hearted approach to learning and I’d recommend him to anyone finding themselves wanting to learn Cyr Wheel or other exercise routines/lifestyle choices.

Chelsea Moore