Grown in Portland, Oregon, USA Garrett (aka Iroh) presents a fusion of Cyr Wheel acrobatics and a vast Fire Bending skill base. He combines an extraordinary multi disciplinary style to his performances drawing from a deep well of intuitive and choreographed patterns. Having traveled the world over he has incorporated movement styles from a variety of cultures and modalities to create a one of a kind performance aligning elegance, power and sensuality. Audiences continually leave his performances amazed and inspired. Set your event ablaze with this one of a kind performer!

The Last Dragon of The West

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WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT FIRE and Cyr Wheel Perfromances?

Read on for a comprehensive guide to booking fire or Cyr Wheel at your event. Information included consists of Performance details, Costs, plus tips and advice for making your event one to amaze and inspire.

What exactly will a Performance look like?

Iroh will perform with a multitude of props between Fire and Cyr Wheel.  When you hire him, you can expect to see torched objects traveling in space and time setting the visual field ablaze with tracing illuminations and gravity defying flips akin to flying in place! You can expect to see amazing intuitive and choreographed flows! Iroh will entertain your audience with a captivating live show that will inspire awe and memories for years to come! Certain to delight minds of all ages!

What types of events are these Performances right for?

Get your party Blazing! Hire Fire and Cyr Wheel to level up your party entertainment! Performances can be set up on stage or can roam around your venue, which ever you prefer. He will put on a show that will consist of anything that you require. This professionally trained and insured Performer will perform dangerous and thrilling skills with an ease and grace that will spark conversations and amazement. Available for hire at any event!

Workshops can also be held for any event!
Have your guests leaving your party with a new skill-set a heart full of inspiration!

Weddings, Corporate Events, Festivals, Concerts, Art Installments, Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties, Birthdays, Graduation Parties, Anniversaries’ Family Reunions, Business Openings…

If you want the feeling of a real circus act at your wedding reception then you certainly want to hire this multi dispiplinary act. Iroh will dazzle with an array of props and Sparkle effects rarely seen outside of traditional circus. He will impress your family and friends with trandiotnal and contemporary styles in a variety of rarely seen disciplines. Heat up your event with this powerful and dynamic performer!

How much does Iroh cost to hire?

Prices depend on a variety of factors. Inquire today for a no obligations quote to perform at your event. He will do everything in his power to bring you the highest quality entertainment, for the best value. International bookings and contracts for hire.

What are the usual set formats and performance lengths for these Acts?

Performances are tailored to suit you and your event, however, on average Iroh will perform for 60 minutes.

How much space will be needed?

A fair amount of space will be needed to perform for reasons of safety. We recommend hiring for a stage area no smaller than 4 metres wide by 3 meters deep. This is to allow for all the props as well!


Technical Fire Requirements:
The initial step is to be sure that a fire performance is possible. Before the show, we will contact your local fire marshal to make arrangements for venue approval. Venue approval timelines are minimum 1 week, so make sure to call early to ensure the planning process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

For any venue, a fuel storage zone will be required. This is a space separate from the performance stage where fuel canisters, performance equipment and safety gear can all be housed. It needs to be an outdoor space, separated from any outdoor performance area.

For any indoor venue there needs to be a 6 ft buffer between Fire and any spectator.

Cyr Wheel Specs:
Minimum Square Meter Requirements : 3 x 3 meters (10×10 ft)
Optimal Square Meter Requirements: 7 x 7 meters (22x 22 ft)
Ceiling Height- Cyr Wheel- Minimum 3 meters ( 7ft)
Fire Bending- Minimum 4 meters (13 Ft)

Flooring Type for Cyr Wheel:
Polished Concrete- Wood flooring- Smooth Tile. Concrete or other surfaces with a grainy sandpaper like texture are not acceptable as it gnashes the outer coating of the wheel. Dont have the perfect flooring? Well figure it out!