About Garrett Wilkins

Born in Portland, Oregon USA Garrett Wilkins left home at 17 and spent 10 years traveling around the world pursuing a variety of life experiences and skill sets ranging from learning how to flip on a snowboard to how to sit for 30 days in silence. A jack of all trades continually looking to gather as many applicable passions and useful tools to wield and express with in the journey of life.

A natural pyrotechnic and flowgoer, the exploration into movement arts and object manipulation started with a set of devil sticks that were lying around in his father’s closet. Fire was the next logical progression, and before he knew it an entire world of expression and freedom opened before him. Within a few years Garrett had gained strong proficiency in a range of fire disciplines and began performing locally from Paris to Mumbai.

It was not until living in the Blue Mountains, Australia and becoming stable in location that he undertook the path of the Cyr Wheel. A self-starter and avid enthusiast for all things progressive skill based. He went to work. A never-ending journey of wrestling with the infinite and challenging limitations physically and mentally, day and night, he would grind. From the warehouses to the front of museums. He would grind. From the pavilions to the air conditioned wood flooring. He would grind. Compelled daily to poke and prod his weak spots, harden his mind and his body and push deep into the limits of his potential. He has emerged to deliver you the product of his zen.

Behold. The Performer. The Artist. The Coach. The Last Dragon of the West.

Combining a brilliant multi disciplinary style to his cyr wheel Garrett incorporates powerful and highly expressive elegance drawing from a deep well of intuitive and choreographed patterns. Interweaving elements of Tribal Fusion, Movement Culture and Flow Acrobatics, Garrett is devoted to a lifetime of honing these performance arts professionally and personally, when no one is there to see him but the wind.